Say Yes To Floral Curtains

When the extraordinarily talented woman who owns the floral company you've been freelancing with for the past two years (what up Studio Posy!) has an upcoming birthday and her husband asks you to do the flowers, you start dreaming up all kinds of fun things. I'm a big fan of floral curtain installations - always say yes to floral curtain installations. Spilling greens, floating flowers, what's not to love? Here are a few pieces from that insanely fun party. (& yay for finally having some photos of flowers I've put together. Whoops on it taking years. But I've remedied that with a what-will-hopefully-be more updated portfolio page.) The level of gratitude I have for being a part of such a creative and fun family of friends here in Norfolk is absolutely not able to be put into words. 

(& for size reference, no one's head even reached up past the middle of that curtain.)