Mixed media self portrait as a Gibson Girl, 2015.

Mixed media self portrait as a Gibson Girl, 2015.

About the Artist:

I try to find myself within nature more often than not, either through my work as an artist, floral designer, or simply visiting as many sprawling natural spaces as I can. I’m interested in our intersection, integration, and interaction with nature through dreamlike and emotional states, architecture, and landscape manipulation. Some of my favorite things are fog rolling over a boundless landscape, chiaroscuro, and the deeply reflective and transparent qualities of water.
— Lauren Elyse S.

About my work:

I work in a wide range of mediums including watercolor, oil, & acrylic paint, oil pastels, Conté crayons, and charcoal to clay, florals, and sometimes digital. In my paintings I prefer oil and watercolor and many of the pieces you'll find in my current works section of my portfolio are a mix of oil, acrylic, and watercolor. I currently freelance as a floral designer in San Diego.


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