Mixed media self portrait as a Gibson Girl, 2015.

Mixed media self portrait as a Gibson Girl, 2015.

About the Artist:

I try to find myself within nature more often than not, either through my work as an artist, floral designer, or simply being outside and far away. I’m interested in our intersection, integration, and interaction with nature through dreamlike and emotional states, architecture, and landscape manipulation. Some of my favorite things are fog rolling over a boundless landscape, chiaroscuro, and the deeply reflective and transparent qualities of water. Lately I’ve been interested in processes and parts rather than the whole.
— Lauren Elyse S.

About my work:

I work in a wide range of mediums including watercolor, oil, & acrylic paint, oil pastels, Conté crayons, and charcoal to clay, florals, and sometimes digital. In my paintings I prefer oil and watercolor and many of the pieces you'll find in my current works section of my portfolio are a mix of oil, acrylic, and watercolor. I currently freelance as a floral designer in San Diego.


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