“Delirium” acrylic & oil, 2019. Lauren Elyse S.

“Delirium” acrylic & oil, 2019. Lauren Elyse S.

There’s so much I could say about this painting - about how it helped push my practice, my mindset about what I want my work to be, how it helped me further let go of caring about how my work is perceived, and how it gave me hell but was worth every second I worked on it and pushed through. But instead, I’ll just show you the label I’ll be affixing to all these pieces moving forward. I dug up a saucy antique printing block and, well, it just seems appropriate that they’re now a mark for this series.

“Delirium” verso.

“Delirium” verso.

“Delirium” verso.

“Delirium” verso.

Nocturnal Animals

"Nocturnal Animals" acrylic, oil & brush pen on linen canvas panel, 2018.

"Nocturnal Animals" acrylic, oil & brush pen on linen canvas panel, 2018.

New thoughts, figuring out new ways of deconstructing compositions and layering that leads to an impossible to photograph painting = another day in the office.

Natural State

natural state sm.jpeg


It's been a while since I've had the time to dedicate to a lush piece. This one is titled "Natural State" & includes botanicals I chose because they're some of my favorites as opposed to their meaning - which is normally the way I compose these paintings. 

In case you were curious: 
monstera leaf, blue bird of paradise, zygopetalum orchid, winterberry, kiwi vine, clock vine, chocolate cosmos, foxglove, rubber plant, lunaria, fern curls, blue Himalayan poppy, maiden hair fern.  

You can grab the original or a print of this by clicking here.

Patience is a virtue (that's really hard to abide by when all you want to be doing is painting)

Sometimes it takes a bit of letting go. What I mean is, painting is what I'd like to be doing just about every second of my life, but sometimes you have to let life have its way with you. It's been insanely (and I mean, absolutely crazy) eventful and busy since we've gotten back to California a few months ago, and I'm just now starting to hit my stride with balancing everything. Which means being able to carve out more and more time for painting. Thank everything. You can follow me on Instagram (which I promise won't be so quiet from here on out) if you want to keep up with my new pieces.  Here's a little progress shot of some fresh studio work.

Back to Brando

Been about a year since I was totally bent on Brando's intense gaze. High time I got back to it.




To see more in this series begun last year, click here and scroll down (there's quite a few). I have no excuse for focusing so hard on his gaze apart from being forever in love with expressive eyes.

Two Thousand & Seventeen

It's always a good thing when the first piece you finish in a new year turns out to be something you absolutely love.

What I really enjoy about this series is that, at quick glance, it's fairly innocuous. I give the suggestion, but your imagination has to do much of the work. It can be as provocative or tame as your attentions allow.

"Silk Stockings" Watercolor, charcoal & ink on paper. 2017.  SOLD

"Silk Stockings" Watercolor, charcoal & ink on paper. 2017. SOLD