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Recently found myself on a train rolling back and forth across the country, so of course I had to document it the best way I know how. Did a digital sketchbook as it’s easier to carry a stylus and iPad than an entire paints set (also, I’ve ruined more physical sketchbooks traveling than I care to remember), so here’s the results. I can’t even begin to describe how difficult it is to sketch while being steadily jostled on a train for hours on end, so while I wish I’d done more sketches during my time spent back east, the protracted concentration needed to create these pieces on the journey demanded I give it a rest - until I was on the return trip with lots of time on my hands. (click the image below to view.)

Back to Brando

Been about a year since I was totally bent on Brando's intense gaze. High time I got back to it.




To see more in this series begun last year, click here and scroll down (there's quite a few). I have no excuse for focusing so hard on his gaze apart from being forever in love with expressive eyes.

Under the Influence

"Under the Influence" Oil pastel on toned paper. 2017.

"Under the Influence" Oil pastel on toned paper. 2017.


One of the artists I adore the most is having an exhibit open this week at the Chrysler Museum, so of course that got me in the mood for a drawing. Under the influence of Toulouse-Lautrec. 

When Life Gives You Lemons

You make dozens of drawings of Marlon Brando's eyes. Because when things in life are not going your way there's nothing like a smoldering gaze to make things all better.

Haven't drawn in a while. It's making me happy so I'm rolling with it. These are a few of my favorites. Click any to enlarge. All are charcoal pencil on paper.